Night fever at Eftalou

People cheering, people chanting
on a merry Greek evening
crickets chirping in the trees
the moon hiding in the dark

The song Night fever loudly
gliding over the hills
people celebrating and cheering
dancing the night away

the music echoing in the night
along with the crickets
while a string of lights
glitter far away on the Sultan’s land

Dark are the hills and the sea
against a starlit sky
people sitting on the street
chatting the quiet night away

A war ship, his motor joining
the rhythm of the lapping tiny waves
as a black sphinx anchored in the sea
to wait and to watch

it’s every day now on duty
running the motor all night long
fuming fuel like toxic clouds
guarding the island or the sea

Out of the endless blackness
settled over the seven hills
suddenly steps a group of people
good evening to you all

as if they stroll each night
along the paths of a Greek island
pushing a wheelchair with a women
wearing a decent scarf around the head

You realize where they came from
they slipped silently over the water
passing that noisy fuming sphinx
so big she clearly saw nothing

Escaping war and bombs
now quietly walking through a black night
along a dark seaside
as on a sunny afternoon

No people for them waiting
when they stranded alone and unseen
all ending dry and safe
the wheelchair still rolling

walking through the night
towards the night fever song
towards the lucky people
not born amongst the bombs

I wonder if they know
about the next hell to come
a camp totally forgotten
with far more people than it should

too tight is the space for living
for enemies and friends alike
too small for decent people
to deal with what they have lived

A beautiful night in Eftalou
a safe heaven for tourists and alike
night fever all over the place
a Greek night in peace

They call it also Europe
but Europe is not here
Europe still chooses to ignore
what fever takes the Greek night

Well, it does not make a noise
the people silently walking
towards their destiny
the wheelchair rolling on

They come by sea daily
they are thrown into the camp
an island prison in Europe
with no night fever in sight

I wonder how you dare
a woman amongst men
how terrible life must have been
to take your wheelchair and run

Welcome, Lady on the Wheels
and all your travelers that night
Europe will not be found
but I wish you well and sound

I did not see you well
but I will remember you, mylady
rolling into safety
in the night fever night