The King of Eftalou is gone


The King of Eftalou is gone
after 19 years he took off to heaven
or to the eternal hunting fields (as we say in Dutch)
that fits better to this small polar bear

In his younger and naughty years
he chased quite some cattle
Maybe he missed his vocation
in stead of street dog a shepherds dog

Horses, donkeys and even pigs
he drove them as a pro out of the garden
although with sheep he was less befriended
those were anxious and stupid creatures

A famous guest in Hotel Panselinos
for years his regular summer base
where also lived his first fiancee Bella
and where the slices of cake flew into his mouth

He made lots of kilometers as a hiking guide
surprised many people
by showing up in the restaurants of Skala Sykaminia
looking around with his big brown eyes

As a white dot on the long boulevard
you could see him daily walking
stubborn but o so sweet
with his full white manes

He didn’t become as old as Methusalem
but I bet the eldest dog of Eftalou
now traveling to his beloved Bella and Humpedumpy
and his friends Rocky, Black Jack and Whiskey

You may now hear again
and laugh and eat without pain
Farewell, my dear Albino
going to heaven is not always that bad.