So long, Lela

Skala Sykaminia has the mermaid Madonna
And Eftalou had Lela
A voluptuous lady
With a glorious voice

The sea as her favorite place
Summer and Winter
Topless diving into the blue water
Or in her nothing to reveal swimming gear

Broad smiling while visiting the neighbours
In her famous little mini bikini
Being her preferred outfit
For outside the village

Dancing and singing
Loving life so dearly
Laughing so easy and often
Especially in her beloved Eftalou

Her clear voice
Meandering over the lapping waves
Flying through the sky
Yááásou, ti kanis?!

Acting like a tempting siren
Singing happily
While floating around in the sea
Giving a master concert

S’ agapo
s’ agapo giati eisai oraia
s’ agapo giati eisai oraia
s’ agapo giati eisai esi

In the winter sneaking through gardens
Looking for healthy chorta
Or some colourful flowers
Preferably at the neighbours

Always willing to participate at the carnival
Sitting on a float
As a naughty weather predictor
Or glittering as a sexy Mermaid

Lela, you were beautiful
And cool
And lively
I never thought you could die

I can hardly understand
That your voice has died forever
And your laughter will never again
Break the silence in Eftalou

I cannot believe
That you have been taken to heaven
And that we will never meet again
Between the waves of the Aegean

S’agapo Giati Eisai Oraia
So long, Lela!