Goodbye Ineke

While the August sky provides a shower of stars
And has even dropped a star from the Movies
Your star is rising towards that same sky
In the middle of the zodiac

If the Olympic Gods still reigned
This crying world
I’m sure they would create a sign
For your star in the sky

Taking care of and saving animals
Over so many years
With intense love and endless patience
Was more than impressive

And even as your breath began to fail
Your ears and heart kept open to the tales
Of the animals and their problems
As well as about friends and other people

Your heart was so big
Too big for yourself
Too big for Agia Paraskevi
And maybe even too big for the island

Goodbye Ineke, we will miss you…

(Ineke Peeters-Lenglet, director of the Lesbian Wildlife Hospital, died on August 12 2014 due to a lung disease)