Writing a column sometimes can be a bit of a tussle

In 2003 I discovered the magical life of the Greek island of Lesvos. It was then I began to write about its daily happenings, its past and most recent history, its unique nature and traditional villages and of course about Greek food. It started simply as reports to friends and family. Now my writings are blogs, describing the magic of the island, sometimes in a dramatic way, or with a bit of poetry or humour

The new blogs will be accompanied by the older blogs, that were published on my former blog Time seem to have stopped on this amazing island, so sometimes even the old blogs remain current. In the Archive you will find all blogs arranged by date of publishing. My sometimes quixotic English is rendered into order by Mary Staples. In the years before 2012 it was Tony Barrell who enhanced it.

All photos are by Jan van Lent, unless stated otherwise.

Enjoy reading about one of the best kept secrets of the Aegean: Lesvos

Julie Smit