Monuments of Lesvos

The iron strong olive trees can grow much and much older than Methusalem. Also Lesvos has many trees existing for centuries: Monuments of Lesvos.

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August 30, 2009 – Europe without borders

History repeating itself

The new Greek government has announced that the refugee camps on the islands Lesvos, Chios and Samos will be getting closed. The thousands of refugees from those camps will be transferred to new camps on the mainland, which are seen by activists as detention centers, where people cannot go in or out as they wish. I already read some things about camps on the mainland, maybe even worse than Moria, where there are hardly any courses (art, sport or school) available by NGO’s. The whole situation reminds me strongly the refugee camp Pagani in Mytilini, that also got closed exactly ten years ago, due to mismanagement. But now it is about nearly ten times more refugees and a daily increase of arrivals. The government, also angry with a careless Europe, will take more strict actions. Trouble is in the make! Here a column from 10 years ago about camp Pagani: Europe without borders