New petrified trees (Photo: internet)

Free State Mytilini

Lesvos now has been divided into two new municipalities: West Lesvos and Mytilini. West Lesvos should become one big nature park while Mytilini should proclaim itself as a ‘Free State of Refugees’, continue reading ->

From the archive

February 15, 2010 – No Valentine on Lesvos

Not many worshippers of Valentine gather on his Day, February 14, at Lesvos, a day celebrated for love and friendship. Even in the summer there are no crowds wanting to visit the Franciscan Church on the Ermou in Mytilini. They probably have no idea that there lie some of the bones of Saint Valentine in a little holy relic box, that came finally back to the island in 2014. Here a colum about Valentine of Lesvos from 2010: No Valentine on Lesvos