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September 26, 2010 – Hear the wind sweeping through the windmills

There is a deafening silence around the plans for a mega windmill park, while the works at the new harbour of Sigri and its road to Kalloni has speeded up. There are some new windmills been placed, where during the installation super long petrified trees were found. If these wind catchers belong to the already for long existing project from the Greek Rokas and Spanish Iberdrola for a park with 153 windmills is not clear. It is for sure that that park would not be build as a benefit for Lesvos: the produced electricity will be sold to the highest bidder and for that an enormous cable would have to be placed between the island and the mainland: a megalomaniac work, even for Hercules. As far as I know this plan still exists. Here a still positive blog from 2010 about this park: Hear the wind sweeping through the windmills.